This Work has been recorded on first order ambisonix

Please use headphones to have an inmersive experience

My four corners of circular energy

Electroacoustic work based on the relationship between a series of music chords heard inside headphones and the sound of what’s going on daily life basis outside a building structure. Will this layers get together at some point? Will this layers create another layer in between? Let’s just try to deeply listen and answer.


Master in Film Music: Musical Composition, Film Theory and Film Music, for Television and Audiovisual Media (At Beijing Film Academy). Major in Musical Composition and Orchestra Conducting (at Bolivian Catholic University). Finished major studies in Electronic Engineering, referred to Control systems at UMSA (State Bolivian University).
Several years of experience as art, music, Chinese language and English language teacher. Some years as part of the OEIN (Experimental Orchestra of Native Instruments) as composer and performer. Made some preservation and digitalization projects on the film and audio archive of MUSEF (Bolivian museum of etiology and folklore). Work as uncharged Works with Pro tools for audio production and post production and with Logic Studio Pro and Soundtrack Pro for music production and post production.
Now holds SCAT Audio Production Company associate with two Audio Engineers. With whom they work in two main projects: “Format adjustment of Bolivian films to Audesc and CC” and “Production of Bolivian children audio books”. Founder and part of CoMusik, an international group that produces music for audiovisual industry. Associate member of AES (Audio Engineering Society). Has taken part of some important international workshops about: Conservation and restoration of audio and film digital material, Musical and audio production, Acoustic computer based analysis of traditional Andean musical instruments, Audio Forensics, Multilingual translation workshop at the international conference of Sinologists and Translators of Chinese literature. Works as an independent cultural manager, organizing events which audio and music are the main attraction. Good at working with multidisciplinary groups, likes to develop interpersonal relationships, likes teamwork. Have an eager interest in learning, teaching and sharing knowledge.


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