Cristina Collazos

This Work has been developed
to create an inmersive experience.

Please use headphones

Family lunch is a portrait of the way to approach daily life in Latin America. Not even the threat to death that we live with the pandemic cause any change in our ways of «life living”. We have the virtue of adapting to any situation, but in our own way, by cheating, being rogue. We believe that we cheat everyone, but really, who are we kidding?


Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Degree in fine arts from the ARCIS University of Art and Social Sciences in Santiago, Chile.
She is Co-creator of “DLP_electronics”, a space for research and development of projects related to sound, art and electronics.
She worked in different cinematographic and audiovisual projects, from the post-production and art direction area. She participated in several exhibitions in different galleries and participated in different international festivals of sound art and/or experimental music. She teaches courses and workshops in relation to sound, art technology and DIY culture in different spaces.
She is currently collaborating with the INFRA project, drawing, helping in the vegetable garden and bird watching.


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