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The Canchón Belén is a market usually full of people and products. In the midst of the health crisis and especially the political crisis in Bolivia, the canchón is somewhat uninhabited. Somewhat because aside from most of the vendors, everything is still there.

During pandemic here, we share the space of the market the same way we usually do but with chin straps and more plastic.


Luciana Decker (1993, La Paz)
Studied anthropology and filmmaking. Recently she has finished a master in Bolivian and Latin-American literature. She made the film “Nana” in 2016, which had a good participation at international festivals. She also collaborated in a variety of Bolivian films as camerawoman, soundwoman, assistance and as a co-editor of “Nuevas Pornos” a magazine dedicated to Bolivian cinema.
Carlos del Águila Calle (Lima)
Considers himself a collaborator in creative processes related to visual and living arts with technical training in communication tools and performing arts. Nowadays, he resides in the city of La Paz – Bolivia, where he has served as an art director in different stagings. Some of his documentary shorts were part of film festivals such as CINE RADICAL, TRANSCINEMA and the FESTIVAL DE CINE DE TRUJILLO. He has been manager of the MEDIALAB of the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz in 2018 management.


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