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Solo actions for listening through the body


I N F R A rethinks [e.]spaciario as a way to connect your space and body, through the physicality of sound.
The result of this research is a series of actions and experiences of liminal-immersive listening.

A moment in space where to approach a listening through the body, in the location you inhabit daily.


I N F R A plantea el [e.]spaciario como un camino para relacionarse con el espacio y el cuerpo, a través de la fisicalidad del sonido.

El resultado de esta investigación es una serie de acciones y experiencias de escucha liminal – inmersiva, donde repensar la escucha a través del cuerpo, en el espacio que diariamente habita.


For balloon and chest

  1. Inflate the balloon very strong and hold it between your arms towards your chest

2. Feel the transduction of the sounds of your environment and their intensities towards your hands, forearms and chest

3. Move through space and feel the vibrational environment around you

4. Try to feel the murmurs and sounds generated by the inhabitants of your space

5. With a permanent marker you can draw on the balloon the different sensations that come to you

6. Try different air pressures in the balloon and different balloon sizes

The balloon as a resonant membrane vibrates in relation to the frequencies that travels in the air.
When we embrace it, induces that vibrations into our body


For bare feet

1. Take off your shoes, walk around the house looking for the places of maximum vibration

2. Find the areas of the house where the floor flexes, resonates or vibrates with the sounds of your movement or external influences

3. Feel the electromechanical devices in your home

4. Feel the vibrations produced by the movements of the inhabitants of your house, your neighbours and external elements


For window and exterior

  1. Go to a window that faces the outside, select the one oriented to the busiest place

2. Perceive in your hands how it vibrates, and how it transmits the sounds of the street

3. Place the back of your head (occipital knob) on the windowpane

4. Place your mouth on the windowpane and start to articulate some sounds. Listen trough your hands


For cellphone and membranes

  1. Play the following tracks from espaciario artist on your cellphone

2. Place the cellphone in contact with the previous membranes (balloon, floor, window)

Bonus Track: Víctor Mazón Gardoqui – Strat

3. Feel the variations in vibrations

4. Try lo relocate the phone on different areas and choose different volumes.


I N F R A researches about Space, body and Vibration, explores the relationship that deaf people establish with vibration and sound, experimenting with the physicality of sound and vibration, distributing visual, tactile, corporal and spatial experiences.
I N F R A raises research as a way to interact, where each participant develops experiences that respond to their concerns and needs. The devices generated in this process are strengthened with the collective review and reflection, articulating a platform capable of making the socialization of knowledge feasible.
The laboratories generate experiences available on the online platform, organized in practical files that gather a list of materials, accompanied by a recommended procedure for them.
All laboratories end with a public event, with the intention of sharing the experience with the deaf and hearing community to provide feedback from the reactions and opinions of the attendees. The members of the laboratories are responsible for conducting the experiences, having a direct and active participation, from the design of the devices to the mediation with the visitors.
All the results and processes are free to use by any interested party at a private or institutional level.
El grupo de investigación en Cuerpo espacio y vibración I N F R A, explora la relación que las personas sordas establecen con la vibración y el sonido, explorando y experimentando de forma directa con la fisicalidad del sonido y la vibración, distribuyendo las experiencias en manifestaciones visuales, táctiles, corporales y espaciales.
I N F R A plantea la investigación como un camino para relacionarse, donde cada participante desarrolla experiencias que responden a sus inquietudes y necesidades. Los dispositivos generados en este proceso se fortalecen con la revisión y reflexión colectiva articulando una plataforma capaz de viabilizar la socialización de conocimientos.
Los laboratorios generan experiencias disponibles en la plataforma, organizadas en fichas prácticas que reúnen una lista de materiales, acompañada de un procedimiento recomendado para las mismas.
Todos los laboratorios finalizan con una muestra abierta, con la intención de compartir la experiencia con la comunidad de sordos y oyentes para retroalimentar la misma desde las reacciones y opiniones de los asistentes. Los integrantes de los laboratorios son los responsables de conducir las experiencias, teniendo una participación directa y activa, desde el diseño de los dispositivos hasta la mediación con los visitantes.
Todos los resultados y procesos son de libre uso por cualquier interesado a nivel particular o institucional.


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