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un espacio vacío

un espacio vacío explores the acoustic peculiarities of an empty space and incorporates them at a structural and expressive level. Most sounds are extinguished without leaving a palpable trace, we recall sounds or sounding situations reconstructing them and evoking a complex sensorial experience.
We propose with this piece a non nostalgic evocation of past sound events that occurred in a given space through the superposition of temporalities and the saturation of space.
The sound image that we build from a given space is conditioned by perception and by subjective variables. It is in this sense that the interior of a sound artifact, a piano or a room can be considered equivalent to the spacial characteristics perceived outdoors in an open space.
The impossibility of being physically in more than one place at the same time is diluted with the exercise of memory. And in practice, ancient mountains coexist with plastic bags, evincing a stack of temporalities (mythical time, historical time, etc.) that does not prevent us from recognizing the silent resonances that make up everything that vibrates and sounds today.

– Process at Casa Taller, La Paz


Miguel Llanque (1981) is a Bolivian composer dedicated to the creation of new instrumental sound sources with and without electronics. He has composed music for different formats, both for invented and conventional instruments and is a founding member of the Ensamble Maleza. Since 2011 is an active member of the Casataller composers and performers collective, based in La Paz.
Ensamble Maleza´s work focuses on the interpretation and dissemination of contemporary music created by composers from various backgrounds since 2011 in La Paz, Bolivia.
The ensemble has also participated as ensemble-in-residence of various didactic concert cycles in Casataller with the purpose of promoting instances of exchange between audience, creators and interpreters. Many instrumentalists have been part of this project performing new music at various festivals, collaborating with artists from different artistic disciplines, recording works for the albums Ulupika, Música boliviana del siglo XXI vol. I y II. It was an integral part of the Escuela de Composición education program.
Ensamble Maleza currently works with composers interested in instrumental music with fixed or live electronics.


Field recordings: Miguel Llanque, Marcelo Guzmán Silveti y Miguel Jara


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