Parallel 50º

A sonic journey into Antarctica

Parallel 50º

A research that builds a dialogue that both researches the sphere of the natural energy phenomena of the earth, contrasting the human footprint in the Antarctic and its impact on living systems and its organic political compounds, both researched and critically treated. During this research there were various attempts to capture electromagnetic phenomena. This happened by means of specially designed electronic devices and local interventions in the Antarctic Hertzian room and was edited in Gars O’Higgins German Base, an abandoned research station on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Acoustic VR

We present you and inmersive experience to try with your vr headset, phone or broser. Through the use of gamification tecniques a field recordign imersive xperience its developed on a VR/3D generated universe of six different locations. The ambisonics and streo recordings obtained during the field trip are embeded on this experience, where all locative sounds are rendered and spatialiced.

This experience its meant to be listened with headphones.


On the following six worlds you need to navigate the space to experience the hertzian athmosphere from the field recordings obtained in the antarctica expedition. When you locate the orange soutcase you would be teletransported to the next space. While the yellow suitcase will bring you back to the previous scene. On the 6th space you would be able to find the remote scientific station located in the antarctic plane and travel back to Cape Horn the southern most location in the planet of the American continent.

These are the controls to move arround the space:
W A D S keys or ↑ ← → ↓
Turn    Q and E or left mouse button
Teleport    Right mouse button
Move faster    Shift
Show menus    Hold Space
Toggle menus  Tab

Aquiles XXI

This journey starts on board of the Aquiles XXI, an old military boat, refurbished to be uses as one of the few ships that can travel to Antarctica with scientific purposes and staff. This trip will guide you through the drake passage, a loction where 3 continental plates and 3 oceans collide, making it one of the hardest locations to navigate on the planet. Are you ready to start the journey?!

The sonic VR experience on the borwser requires a fast speed connection and an up to date browser with XR capabilities and spatial audio like Firefox or Crome.

Please wait  20 secs till loads the VR engine on the beguining.

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Parallel 50º

Funded by Deutscher Küstlerbund e.V. Modul D: Digitale Vermittlungsformate

A project by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui

 Thanks to Sonandes, Guely Morató, Hannes Waldschütz, Jaime Mora, Felix Defel, Adrinuk, Jaime Mora, Josh Harle, SketchFab & Mozilla Hubs Community.
Photos, videos and text by Víctor Mazón Gardoqui CC4.0 BY-SA 2022

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